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Our Main Services Include.

Vaaks Air Auckland's Heatpump Specialist



We'll provide professional installation, in compliance with all standards, using only the highest quality consumables and professional equipment


  • We offer a total air conditioning & heat pump with ventilation solution for all type from residential to commercial buildings. We install from small split systems to large VRV & VRF systems.
  • Full sizing and installation of appropriate capacity units for homes & office’s
  • Direct communication throughout project
  • Works come with guarantee
  • Competitively priced and efficient installation
  • Capacity units for homes
  • Wide range of products and brands to suit your project

Maintenance & Repair works


The main task of the maintenance is ensuring perfect work of climatic systems, prevention of their consumer qualities, reducing the probability of occurrence of breakages and increasing the lifetime.


For all heating and cooling systems we offer maintenance, servicing and repair services including parts for all leading brands.

Vaaks Air Auckland's Heatpump Specialist

Fresh Air / Ventilation System


Vaaks Air Auckland's Heatpump Specialist



We want fresh air always and in every room of our homes and office.
However, it is possible to breathe fresh air inside as if you were outside and fully enjoy your home and office.
Most essential to providing fresh air to your home/office is properly managing incoming and outgoing air for your climate conditions, seasons, temperature and humidity levels.
Ventilation is thus a necessity.
These fresh air systems exchange stale indoor air and pollutants for fresh, filtered air from outside.


Basement / Car Park Ventilation


In an enclosed space, such as underground car parks in malls, smoke is a real threat to life and it also causes significant issues for fire fighters dealing with fire, in case there is a fire breakout. Hence,these places need a good ventilation system for the removal of exhaust gases and replacing the wasted air with fresh air inside the car parking space so that the people inside do not get suffocated or choked.

Vaaks Air Auckland's Heatpump Specialist

Electrical Works


Vaaks Air Auckland's Heatpump Specialist



We do all electrical work from residential to commercial